Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Vintage Inspiration

For me, inspiration often takes a little while to manifest itself into being. Sometimes it's ALL about the process, the gathering, the getting-it-together part, but I get pretty excited about seeing the end result too. There always seems to be that required incubation period before I make the move.

This is a doll/mini quilt headed for Ady's wall...so I can remind myself how much I love all these little found scraps of vintage fabric. Those toddler-size vintage dresses and pinafore came from the Goodwill Clearance store. Originally inspired by this 1959 "Pocket Guide to Origami," the dresses and fabric colors brought it together for me. Maybe I should've done some origami-style piecing for this, but I like the simple 3-inch squares. (I'm definitely more of a wing-it quilter than a pattern person.)  A little embroidery is in order for those linen squares perhaps from kiddie record graphics or just some simple flowers.